The Avoidable Adventures of Bee-PeeGames


Allegorical platformer in a musical world

My first fully fledged ‘game’, this was a passion project over many months. Inspired by Jonathan Blow’s Braid I wanted to create a similar allegory using traditional 2D platform game mechanics. I also wanted to have a working ecosystem, and although I technically achieved both these things I’d be the first to note neither was remotely ‘juiced’, nor really squeezed at all.

The game is packed with ideas that hint at a grander meaning, although I failed to make anything less trite than a secret win condition implying that the use of oil in the game is mostly unnecessary (it is, of course, a reference to the Deepwater Horizon spill of 2010).

Nevertheless the core flying mechanic (which slowly unlocks over a half hour playtime) was interesting enough to spawn an entirely different experience; the current W.I.P ‘Cockateers’.