Short horror experience

Made for Asylum Jam 2014, this was a great palate cleanser for Samuel Green, Daniel Arnold-Mist and I from our work at the day job. Tobias Baumann joined us to make a four-man team.

The development process was relatively painless, the biggest surprise was how many Let’s Plays we got in the following month. Short experiences charged with tension are perfect Let’s Play material we learnt.

The design of the game was such that restarting the game after a fail state did not significantly hamper the player, as they could progress quickly through solved puzzles. It’s a credit to Dan and Sam’s great art and sound design that we managed to pull off the twist ending without it seeming too cheap. It served as a perfect, unexpected conclusion to a game that constantly toys with the player’s expectations; how many other horror games have leveraged the true nightmare of a Windows 95 login screen?