Alex Takes a TestGames

StatusPlayable SketchRoleDeveloper/DesignerDate2014-12-08

Action puzzler in an abstract space

As my previous Ludum Dare game had been quite sedate in pacing, I wanted my LD31 game (theme ‘Entire Game on One Screen’) to be more action orientated, while still trying something new with the narrative. The idea was a story about the relationship between Alex and Alex’s doctor. The mechanics hinted at symptoms of social anxiety and autism but played on the player’s understanding rather than explicitly lay bare any psychological profile.

Unfortunately, this was the first jam where time management almost entirely torpedoed the project. The simple design of the puzzle and flying sequences did not automatically translate into a good game feel, and a lot of time was spent trying to make the flying section feel more anxiety inducing. In the end I’d have more more success with this in Delicate Thread.