Delicate ThreadGames


Narrative driven infinite-runner

Probably my favourite project so far, Delicate Thread was my collaboration with artist Kat Trautmann and featured voice talent from James Laver, Warisa Neranartkomol and Chris Wegoda.

Made for JamForLeelah, it builds on some of the ideas from Alex Takes a Test and commits fully to a story of a child coming to terms with their identity. Working with Kat was an absolute pleasure; due to our opposite timezones I would usually wake to some awesome thing Kat had made that would fill my day with motivation. Our collaborations on the scripts, drawing on our own histories, made the game very personal and filled the narrative with a charge.

Thankfully, unlike Alex Takes a Test the experiment was a success. The infinite runner mechanics merged with the narrative and sound design to create an emotion thrill-ride that manages to convey the internal without patronising or lecturing.