Gang BeastsGames

StatusEarly AccessRoleNetworking and VR EngineerDate2016-06-01

Boneloaf's indie classic

Working up in the North of England at Coatsink was a great experience, and quite the counterpoint to my time in China. The team and I had the pleasure of bringing Gang Beasts online, and allowing players to get closer to the action than ever before with VR integration.



Joust, but ruder

The product of a self-organised, farewell-Beijing jam for Sam Green, Tobias Baumann, Dan Arnold-Mist and myself, the game takes mechanics from Beepee, applies a local-multiplayer mindset, dresses it in the grotesque and puts a bold pun on top.

Although the project itself was abandoned due to the practicalities of global separation, much of the technical work informed patterns in the Ent2D framework, and flying mechanic is something I’ll want to use in the near future.