Synctory Library for UnityTools

StatusActive developmentDate2015-10-02

A collection of tools for using Synctory scripts in Unity

Synctory is a great tool for writing scripts for theatre, but its real power is in the potential it was for integration with other systems. The Synctory Library for Unity is the next part in a system to streamline the production of multi-threaded narrative experiences.

The library currently features the ability to import scripts, to view those scripts in a real-time script viewer, and a binding system that allows various elements to react to changes in the script over time.


StatusActive DevelopmentDate2014-10-01

Tool for scripting multi-threaded narratives

Synctory is a script-writing tool designed to make writing multi-threaded narratives as painless as possible.

Multi-threaded narratives require the viewer to have some choice in which things they observe. Things are happening simultaneously; to watch one storyline is to miss out on the other. This allows the artist great opportunities to play with perspective, pacing and social dimensions.

Synctory’s output is something that looks very much like a screenplay. This can be used for the creation of immersive plays, interactive films or narrative-based video games. It can also be imported into the Unity game engine via the Unity Synctory Library.